Forum Upgrade - SUCCESS!

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Forum Upgrade - SUCCESS!

Post by CommanderData »

OK! Looks like I nailed most of the glitches here in the forums at last :mrgreen:

Updated to the latest PHPBB software and tweaked a bunch of settings. This has enabled Captcha for registration again, and some other features. I've made some sample postings, gone and snooped around profiles, and so on... Not sure if there's anything broken still. Oh yeah, finally can insert smileys again by clicking on them. That broke when the forum received its facelift too!

It was definitely time to dust off these forums, they are going to be used quite a bit this year with upcoming releases... Thank you everyone for your patience!

If anyone finds an issue with the forum that brings you to an error page, please post as many details as you can here, and I'll be sure to fix it immediately :D
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