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Hurry up, already! :P

PostPosted: Sat Jun 06, 2015 12:33 am
by Inrideo
I'm still waiting and check back regularly. I expect this game to be finished! :D

Re: Hurry up, already! :P

PostPosted: Wed Jun 10, 2015 3:09 pm
by CommanderData
Haha! I'm glad someone out there cares enough to keep looking!

Believe it or not, things are still very much alive for Spirit Hunter Mineko and she's going to be completed no matter what, I promise... even if only a handful of people are interested in playing :D

As you and others may have gathered from the recent main page blog-posts, I've been desperately trying to streamline my life and expenses so I can afford to quit consulting and work on my games. Up to now, I simply couldn't afford to take much time off from my primary business (without risking bankruptcy in mere months due to ridiculous expense overhead) :(

Most people just try a Kickstarter and then hope for the best, but I'd rather make myself financially secure and stable enough to work on the Mineko project than ask for help... Hopefully I never have to reverse course and beg for assistance, we'll see where things shape up after my home-sale completes this summer!

A small update for everyone: The underlying tech of iOS has changed several times since my early programming demos of Mineko, but those all still compile and run on iOS 8 with no problem as of today. I'm actually exploring newer OpenGL and "Metal" programming options in my part time work on Rogue Touch 2, which is serving to get me back up to speed on modern iOS plumbing. That knowledge will then allow me to modernize Mineko and ensure we'll be playing it on iDevices for years to come instead of being one-generation away from end-of-life :geek:

I'll be preparing more detailed blog and forum posts on these topics starting next month... if all goes according to plan I should finally be free of my home (a heavy financial burden) and starting a fire under these projects at last!

Re: Hurry up, already! :P

PostPosted: Sun Oct 11, 2015 5:37 pm
by Inrideo
Still checking in :P
Glad to see selling the house resulted in some stability in life. I'm broke these days, but also out of debt and that's a huge burden off a person. The stress is a killer.
On the plus side you must be good at what you do to be able to take on those kinds of monthly expenses :D

Is the Rogue Touch mystery update mentioned long ago still sitting in a folder somewhere? I still have it on my old 3GS phone :) I've been playing Rogue for 30 years now. Insane!

Looking forward to seeing what comes forth in the future :)

Re: Hurry up, already! :P

PostPosted: Thu Oct 15, 2015 11:12 am
by CommanderData
Hey Inrideo, you're correct the house sale has lifted weight off my shoulders. Glad that you're in a similar situation too... having no debt for the first time in my adult life is a great feeling :mrgreen:

So yeah, about Rogue Touch- buried here in this Mineko sub-forum where nobody will look :lol: , I'll say there are actually two things that will be happening:

1) There is a sequel in the works, which I receive weekly artwork towards! Actually had enough stuff at one point to just do a "Prettier Rogue Touch", but decided RT2 needed to be much more than that.
2) Rather than letting the original RT decay with the next version of iOS, I have decided that it should receive a modernization overhaul as well (including sprites by the same artist handling much of Spirit Hunter Mineko). The gameplay will remain 95% the same for Rogue purists, with some minor changes for the better.

No promises yet on when these will be released to the world, as I am still on the hook as a consultant for some time to come (anywhere from 3 - 18 more months depending on contract options)!

I am hoping for the short side of this range so I can get back into iOS programming finally :D

Re: Hurry up, already! :P

PostPosted: Sat Aug 22, 2020 1:55 pm
by Inrideo
I'm still checking in periodically :D
So Mineko will have at least one guaranteed sale :P

Re: Hurry up, already! :P

PostPosted: Mon Aug 31, 2020 2:00 am
by CommanderData
Hey! I love the fact that you pop in to nudge me forward occasionally :lol:

My life is “interesting” as usual... Currently stuck *outside* the USA since January due to Covid-19 and travel restrictions, but otherwise healthy and doing OK!

As you may have seen over the past few years some of my plans have actually happened... in particular- Rogue Touch was saved from the App Store apocalypse due to my big update with all new graphics :D

Rogue Touch 2 is still a work in progress, shaping up to be significantly different than I had originally intended both in looks and gameplay. It will be quite a turn from the original RT everyone has played since 2009 but I hope there will be at least a few fans! 2021 is the likely target for it.

Spirit Hunter Mineko will also resume work in 2021. I have a ton of artwork and code previously started for it, however iOS has changed so much in the last few years that a lot of code will need to be rewritten. Also some swipe gestures that worked great in the past need to be changed because they conflict with modern devices (FaceID and no home button, and in some cases just the overall size of the device)!

Thank you for thinking of me and ensuring I’ll have at least one customer when things release ;)