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Re: Rogue Touch Version 2.0!

Postby bindlewirdle » Fri Jan 01, 2021 9:15 am

After a few years of not playing RT, we got a new iPad so guess what I installed first...

Loving the new look. Not much has changed gameplay-wise as far as I can tell.

Played a few games with the usual struggles.

Then I got this:

First floor gave me Elfin armor. W00t!! Then I got a ring of protection. Not sure when I noticed all of these but these are all unexpected:
1. HP never regenerate. Even when I had a ring of regeneration. The only ways to increase are potions of healing, extra healing, blessing and raise level plus if I go up a skill level.
2. I'm only damaged by traps. I have rings of searching and disarming so now I rarely lose as many as 10 HPs before I get a healing potion. Quaffing any of the ones I mention increases my maximum HP and my current HP is then set to the new maximum.
3. Mobs do not fight. They don't hit me and just stand there pitifully taking awful punishment until dead. The only action any of them take is Medusas sometimes confuse me. I just sleep until normality is resumed and then whack away.
4. Mobs do not move unless I knock them back.
5. I never get hungry.
6. At one point I wondered if it was the combination of Elfin armor and the ring of protection. So I took them off. It made no difference.
7. I have yet to see any monster creation.
8. Slimes split when hit but then automorph into something more powerful eg dragons and vampires. Ironically these are easier to kill than the slimes.
9. I had some flaming daggers. Then I found some freezing daggers. I was hoping the powers would stack but when merged it seemed all the daggers were now just freezing. after picking up more plain daggers I decided to wield them in case some were cursed. Lo and behold my daggers are both flaming and freezing! Still report as freezing daggers though.
10. Str of 31, found a ring of +3 add strength, put it on. But when I took it off I lost 3 str!

I'm not complaining at all!
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