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Tileset Topic--what is in RT and what we'd like to have

Discussion about Rogue Touch for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Tileset Topic--what is in RT and what we'd like to have

Postby winebug » Sat Dec 13, 2014 7:53 pm

I would like to buy Rogue Touch, and I've got a few questions:

How many tilesets does this game feature?

Is there a classic ASCII tileset?

Are you planning to add new tilesets in the future?

Have you heard about the DawnLike tileset, and the tilesets by Oryx Design Lab? I think it would be very cool to have them in Rogue Touch. They look very polished.
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Re: Tileset Topic--what is in RT and what we'd like to have

Postby CommanderData » Sat Dec 20, 2014 9:55 am

Hello Winebug, sorry for the late reply!

At present Rogue Touch has only the primary tileset you've seen in screenshots, which is a cobbled together set of modified RLTiles and additional tiles that were created by us to mimic the old Atari ST / Amiga versions of Rogue.

I actually own the complete set of *ALL* Oryx Design lab tiles (not just the fantasy sets). I think they are awesome for prototype work, but sooooo many people have been using them to make games on the App Store. This ends up creating chaos in various forums every time a new game appears and people not familiar with Oryx claim the developer is a copycat or a thief! :shock:

The DawnLike set is interesting, I haven't seen it before, might be worth adapting for a future update or game... thanks for pointing that one out :mrgreen:

On the topic of ASCII - I may sound like a roguelike heretic, but I think my days of playing (most) ASCII games are over (even though I'm old enough and have played each of them as they originally appeared). Would I ever include an ASCII tileset? I won't rule it out as part of one more Rogue Touch update, as a final love-letter for fans!

Note that Rogue Touch 2 and Spirit Hunter Mineko and my other (further future) game designs will be completely custom drawn tilesets. I think that's the only way to get noticed these days. Don't worry, these upcoming games have extremely high quality assets for roguelikes (a few of which you can see here on my website)... I am not trying to adhere to mid 1980's styles with them ;)

Gears are turning again in the development machine here! More details coming in my front page blog after the holidays... Speaking of which, hope that you and everyone who checks into the forum regularly has a good one!
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