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I used to play a Rogue port on the Amiga computer just called "Moria". It was my first introduction, and it had a couple features I miss on RogueTouch. I've seen similar functions in other ports as well, it's just that Moria is very clear in my mind.

You started in a town and had the option to purchase your equipment rather than just being started off with it. You also could purchase additional food and magical goodies like scrolls and potions and even advanced equipment if you had the dough. You could also sell treasures you have found for gold.

The stairs went up and down, and there was a scroll called "Word of Recall", which took you back to the top town level if you read it in the dungeon, or to the level you recalled from if read in a town.

Lastly, light was also expendable, with torches that burned down, lamps that ran out of oil, and magical devices that gave off permanent and larger light areas.

Those are the only things I really miss from RogueTouch, and would be my only changes if given the option.
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