Quick Start Guide for Rogue Touch

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Quick Start Guide for Rogue Touch

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Playing the Game

To retrieve the Amulet of Yendor you must explore the randomly generated dungeons down to the 26th floor, and then return to the surface. Along the way, you will pick up a variety of equipment (some useful, some cursed), fight many monsters, and step into a fair number of traps! Hopefully this quick start guide will help you in your quest...

Rogue Touch is played by holding your iPhone or iPod Touch vertically. On the main game screen you can see various status items and buttons. Starting at the top left you have current and maximum health, current/max strength, armor class (10 is basically naked, lower numbers are better), and gold. Below that is a scrolling message display that keeps you updated with actions and events. On the lower half of the screen is a map that updates as you explore (and sometimes by other magical means!). Along the bottom starting at the left is a button for searching (to find traps and secret doors), the current floor of the dungeon, your current weapon and armor, your rank, and a button to rest (helps regain health after battles).

For every move or action you make, each monster is allowed to make a move. This is the most important thing to remember about Rogue, at some points it becomes very much like chess as you try to escape a dangerous situation like a treasure room (full of treasure, but full of monsters too!).

Movement: Move around by simply tapping around your character- he will move in the direction you tap. If you touch and hold a direction, he will continue moving in that direction until an obstacle is reached.

Fighting: Attcking monsters is done by walking into them. If you'd prefer to attack from a safe distance you can shoot projectiles or throw things at them! (See Inventory and Special Actions)

Resting: Resting helps regain health. Any time you are not in battle you slowly heal while walking around. Use the rest button to heal without wandering around.

Searching: Searching helps you find traps and secret doors. If you cannot find a way out of a room, or can't find the stairs, chances are there is a secret door somewhere. Whenever you press the search button you examine all immediately adjacent squares. It is hard to find secret doors, you may have to search the same area multiple times!

Inventory: Accessing your pack is done by tapping in the center of the screen, on your character. In the original game of Rogue, evey item and action corresponded to a key on your keyboard. Rogue Touch alters that scheme in favor of a more touch friendly inventory-item-action system. Once in your inventory, scroll up and down to see all the items in your pack. Touching an item will bring you to a detail screen where you can perform an action with the item. Food can be eaten, scrolls can be read, weapons wielded, and so on. All items can be thrown or dropped. Want to throw that potion of confusion at a monster? Go for it!

Special Actions: Depending on the item you are wielding (or if you are standing on the stairs), tapping the center of the screen will bring up a menu of options. For example, If you're weilding a bow, the menu gives you the option to shoot an arrow, or access your inventory. If you are standing on the stairs, it will give you the option to go down (or back up if you've found the amulet)!

Zooming: The game starts out at a default zoom of 100%, but you can use standard pinch gestures to zoom out as far down as 25% of original size. WARNING: May cause eyestrain at smaller zoom levels :)

Save/Resume: Rogue is a game based on "perma-death". If you die, you cannot reload an older game, you must start a new game fresh from level 1! The good news is that Rogue Touch will save your progress automatically if you exit the game (by pressing the "Home" button, taking a phone call, etc). You can then select "Resume Game" from the main menu the next time you start Rogue Touch.

Hall Of Fame: The Top 10 Rogues are saved for future showing off amongst friends. Rank is based on a number of factors including the amount of gold picked up, level achieved, and whether you retrieved the amulet or not.

Secrets: The original version of Rogue allowed you to press a certain key-combination, enter a wizard's password, and gain many abilities in the game (such as increasing your level, creating items, and so on). There is *NO* wizard password in Rogue Touch. However, there are some secret ways to modify your attributes or gain special abilities not normally had in the game... it's up to you to find them :)