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Settings - Where are they and what are they?

Discussion about Rogue Touch for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Settings - Where are they and what are they?

Postby Jessica » Mon Mar 02, 2009 9:17 am

Rogue Touch Settings:
Settings are accessed by going to the Settings App. We put them in there to avoid the embarassment of having the game play undesired audio when starting up! Also helps because you don't have to enter and exit the game a couple of times to get the audio turned off and iPod music playing. CD can explain the details of that better than I can, but basically Apple's hardware detects Rogue Touch playing audio and shuts down the iPod audio, so you need to have audio turned off *before* entering the game if you want to listen to your own music.

The settings app is the little icon with the gears on your home screen-

Once in the settings app, scroll down and you'll find Rogue Touch. You may have other games and apps in there too if you never looked before (it's OK, we understand if you want to play something else once in a while) :lol:

In the settings you have slide-switches for all the major version 1.1 options, which I will describe below-

1) Version: The version of Rogue Touch.
2) Last used name: Not editable here. You actually change the name whenever you type in one at the start of a new game, and it shows up here as a placeholder/reminder. When starting a game in Rogue Touch, if you're happy with the name shown in grey, just hit OK and it will auto fill and accept it!
3) Fast-Play Double Tap: Turning this "on" allows you to tap-tap quickly and your rogue will continue to run in the direction specified until he finds something of interest. If you accidentally trigger him into a run, tapping once anywhere on screen stops him!
4) Ranged Weapon Tap: Turning this "on" allows you to tap the weapon at the bottom of the screen (if it is a ranged weapon like a bow, darts, shurikens, etc). Tapping that icon brings up the direction picker for throwing or shooting, without the need of the context menu! You can of course tap in the center of that direction picker (on your rogue) to cancel the command if you do that mistakenly.
5) Numeric Experience: Turning this "on" moves your character rank over to the left side of the screen and adds two new values on the lower right. The top one is your current experience points, the bottom one is the amount of experience required to make it to the next higher rank.
6) Audio: Audio is pretty self-explanatory, turn it off if you want to play Rogue Touch in a quiet setting or play your iPod music in the game :D
7) Vibration: This turns off vibrations completely. Most of the time these would occur with traps, but we have a few new uses for it now and in the future if you leave it on :lol:

Version 1.3/1.4 has introduced several new options in the settings for you:

1) Controls: Select between our normal "touch" based gameplay and a D-pad that is laid out at the bottom of the screen. We still prefer touch, but the D-pad is very useful for single handed play.
2) Default Zoom: Pick your preferred zoom level (25, 50, 75, or 100%), and the game will use that whenever you start a game. No need to pinch it down to size if you like the smaller graphics for a larger field of view!

Hope this helps everyone a bit!
Other items you may not have known: you can double tap on your rogue to bypass any popup-context menu and enter your inventory immediately!
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