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Any other Deep Divers out there?

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Re: Any other Deep Divers out there?

Postby Jim2wheels » Thu Oct 29, 2009 12:07 pm

Mister Fluff wrote:
I simply suggested that in my personal opinion i find a greater sense of achievement by not using the various loopholes in the game that were never intended when the game was made.

But that is where I don't understand why people like doing that. In a game that is created randomly, the only skill seems to be finding the 'loopholes' or playing many hours. If I find a Spartan Cuirass, a Blessed weapon, and an armor protection scroll on level 1, how can I say that I am more skilled than someone who gets to level 26 with +1 leather and a nice mace? All that shows is that I was lucky. If everybody got the same items on the same levels, we could attribute it to achieving something. In a game that is random and turn-based, skill seems to be more about who will invest the time to keep playing over and over, or about who will look for unintended ways to beef up your character.

I agree with all of the above, however there is still the element of choice. Which wand should you use? Should you use haste to run or fight? My hp is very low, do i run or do i chance an unidentified scroll/wand? Should i sleep to rebuild my health or rely on the natural regeneration as i explore? Should i disturb a sleeping beast in the hope of a good weapon drop, or leave it be? I cannot begin to tell you how many times i have been toe-to-toe with a monster with around 20hp left and thought "one more hit and he's gone" only to be nailed from behind by another one who i didn't see coming. With hindsight i should of restored some health or moved into a doorway, but i made the wrong choice...

This is where i think skillful Rogue players come into their own, unfortunately the leaderboard (as it stands) will never reflect this. The guy at the top of the leaderboard got their because he probably spent weeks playing one game (as you mentioned above) grinding away at lower levels for loot and potion etc until he got bored.

To summarise, the skill comes from choice, making the right moves at the right time, not wasting valuable wands/potions/scrolls and making the most of any luck/weapon drop that comes your way.
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