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This one was so bad it made me laugh!

Discussion about Rogue Touch for the iPhone and iPod Touch

This one was so bad it made me laugh!

Postby Mister Fluff » Thu Apr 30, 2009 11:02 am

Here's the scenario:
My rank is a Hero. I have a +1 suit of Plate and a ring of Protect Armor and a ring of Slow Digestion on. I have a bunch of potions and plenty of food. I'm feeling pretty sure that nothing can stop me...

...and then I run into a Wight with only about 100 XP to the next level. The Wight sucks one level... and then another... and then another WIght comes along and sucks a level! I'm pretty grouchy about that encounter, and then another Wight meets me in the tunnel as I leave the room! After a few more lost levels from that Wight (and before it is dead), another WIGHT comes in behind me!!! No scrolls of teleport to get me out of the fix and I lose a few more levels. By the time they were dead, I was an Apprentice with 18 HP on level 17! Needless to say, I was dead from the first enemy (a Troll) I run into.

I'm not sure how many levels I had sucked out, but 4 Wights!?! In case anybody needs a pointer...remember to equip your melee weapon after a ranged fight (I had my bow equipped when I ran into the first Wight and was fighting the Wight swarm with a bow as a melee weapon)!

I know, my fault for the flub, but... ouch?
Mister Fluff
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Re: This one was so bad it made me laugh!

Postby Elysium » Thu Apr 30, 2009 12:20 pm

First of all, what the hell is a "wight?" You mean a "wraith?" Second, there is a thread for these kinds of stories already.
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Re: This one was so bad it made me laugh!

Postby CommanderData » Thu Apr 30, 2009 12:37 pm

Oh he's definitely talking about wraiths. Wights are undead beasts as well. I think they may be found in some other roguelikes, and definitely in Dungeons & Dragons in general. Mister Fluff, I've been in a situation a lot like that before! It's awful to see the ranks stripped away from you like that! Very dangerous on deep floors to lose even a couple of ranks, never mind 10 or more :lol:

There are actually a few threads that are appropriate right now for stories, I think there's a bad day one, oops, and story time. Story time is more for the artistic retelling of an adventure though :D

Tell you what, we do need to clean up a bit in here so I will try to merge some various threads. :mrgreen:
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Re: This one was so bad it made me laugh!

Postby elswitzer » Thu Apr 30, 2009 2:37 pm

No Merging! Lets make this place like Gamefaqs!

New forum rules:
1. Everybody must decide on whether to be an idiot or an a-hole.
2. No searching, even though there is a search function. Just start a new thread and ask whatever question you have even though the top thread is asking the exact same thing.
3. Mods must delete any posts containing an opinion that does not reflect (your name here)'s views, because they are wrong.
4. If you know something that somebody else doesn't, then you are a GOD.
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Re: This one was so bad it made me laugh!

Postby jhawk » Thu Apr 30, 2009 4:14 pm

Yea, I tried starting one of theese threads with my "ever have one of those days", and the point never got where it was going
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