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First time winning, or get greedy and venture down...?

Discussion about Rogue Touch for the iPhone and iPod Touch

First time winning, or get greedy and venture down...?

Postby Hopz » Mon Apr 20, 2009 2:07 pm

Im currently playing on NEO. Never made it past floor 22 before. But this game I made it to floor 26, got the amulet then went down to floor 25. But im having second thoughts. Nothing touches me, and I finally figured out how to really play with NEO. I barely take damage even from a dragon. So is it too late to go down? Or what should I do? Get my first victory, or go down deeper?

This is what ive got right now:

Wizard/130 HP/23 natural STR/5AC/8688 gold

+3+2 mace of wraith slaying
+0+0 war hammer
+3 leather armor
split mail (unidentified)
10 food
scroll identify
2 remove curse
3 monster confusion
scroll enchant weapon
wand of light
wand of polymorph
ring of see invisible
ring of add str +5
ring of slow digestion X2
ring of searching
potion of blessing
potion of paralysis
potion restore str
potion of confusion

i had 2 2-handed swords, a +2 katana and another mace but they were stolen by dragons. I guess they are the only monster that doesnt drop everything you hit them with? I never encountered that with any other enemies.

Oh, and what the heck does the mushroom do? Never figured it out and its bugging me.

I know the weapon and armor kinda suck, but even a dragon doesnt hit me more than once. and ive got some potions and scrolls and wand to get me out of danger in an emergency. What should I do?
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Re: First time winning, or get greedy and venture down...?

Postby jhawk » Mon Apr 20, 2009 2:22 pm

first of all neo is fast, so you can hit once, step back and instead of attacking you during there turn they take a step towards you, and you attack and repeat

toss your ring of see invisible
use a slow digest and either the 5 str or searching with it

you should try to find a 2 handed sword first choice, war hammer second, and use that as your weapon and do not throw it

keep an eye out for a protect armor scroll to use on a spartan curias first choice, gives chance of extra hit, or shokuzo armor which gives stealth

do not drink a potion of haste, potions of amnesia are also really bad news

mushrooms are another food source that have a chance to make you hallucinate

if you wanted to dive or surface, either or are both quite possible to achieve with neo, a weapon of m suggesting will make your life a lot easier, but magic ones are a rare drop, even a magic katana is good

if i were you i might ascend, then do another run based on your new found information, i have had several neos with over 100000 gold and down to floor 134, where i killed him to update and make a new character, if you want to see some nice items just type in, Zaphod B.

thats a secret character cd made for me who starts off rather well equipped but no special abilities
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Re: First time winning, or get greedy and venture down...?

Postby CommanderData » Mon Apr 20, 2009 6:36 pm

Yeah, you may feel pretty tough right now, but by floor 40 or 50 you might wish you'd turned back! :lol:

If you've never been deeper, go ahead and give it a shot. The monsters DO get tougher though, so keep that in mind. Maybe we'll see you on the Secret Characters leaderboard!
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Re: First time winning, or get greedy and venture down...?

Postby DaveS » Mon Apr 20, 2009 10:33 pm

I know when I first got the amulet in Neo's hands I couldn't get back to the top quickly enough! I would just go for the victory and then try for an awesome score later on. You never know when you will get the chance again. I can't seem to bring myself to play Neo again, but perhaps a super deep dive might be fun to try in the future once I (hopefully) get a vanilla character win.

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Re: First time winning, or get greedy and venture down...?

Postby Hopz » Tue Apr 21, 2009 2:10 am

Well, thanks for the advice! I got greedy, and went farther down. I ended up dying on floor 27 =(. Threw my hammer at one of those trasur chest guys. Saw the red blip on the map and figured it was a bad guy. Guess u lose ur weapon when you throw it at a ring that then turns into a bad guy =(. I killed him anyways, easy kill. Continued on to get the rest of the treasure and ran into a medussa. Was doing the hit hit run tactic, I dont know why but i was getting 3 attacks every other round. With no spartan armor. Anyways, a dragon ended up spawning in my room. Another thing that was new to me. They never seemed to spawn near me before, always on the other sides of the map. Medusa confused me so i was kinda screwed. Well, I poly morphed the dragon into a vampire. Poly morphed the medusa into one of those goblin guys from level one. Then poly morphed the dragon again into a troll. Then died... =(

I should have stuck with the much weaker hitting vampire, but didnt want to lose all my max HP. Again, greedy. The worst thing is I got 9325 gold. Yup, 29 gold short of the high score list!

My best game ever, sort of wished I had 30 more gold to make the list though. But it was still fun! I love this game.
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Re: First time winning, or get greedy and venture down...?

Postby Hopz » Tue Apr 21, 2009 2:18 am

Oh, and I made a ripley game to compete on the new competition. I hope I win cause im making a toon with the ability to see all items/monsters and starts with 3 random rings! Call him Mr T or somthing, cause he wears a lot of bling and can see punches coming from anywhere (hence why he see's monsters and can smell any treasure). Still working on the name. I just love rings, but the ability to see monsters/treasure makes the game a lot more fun to me. I get impatient searching for hidden doors everywhere. And I think Neo's haste makes him too over-powered.
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